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Van Hoorebeke BVBA

      We advise our clients on and represent them in legal procedures, transactions, arbitration and mediation in each of the following areas of law.

  • Commercial Disputes and Contracts
    This area of practice includes negotiating and preparing all types of commercial contracts (purchase/sale, commercial agency, distribution, licences, awarding of contracts, loans, guarantees, etc.) and representing our clients in commercial disputes.
    Furthermore, we advise and represent our clients in bankruptcies, liquidation, judicial reorganisations, reorganisation of debts and seizures.

  • Corporate Law and M&A
    This legal domain includes share transactions, mergers, formation of joint-ventures, resolutions for conflict situations within companies, reorganisations, etc.

  • Tax Law and Tax Litigation
    Our clients are given advice on all company-related tax matters, in both direct and indirect taxation.

  • Real Estate
    This area comprises transactions and disputes related to real property, rights of enjoyment (easements, usufruct, lease (long-term leases), and building leases and rights) and security (mortgages).

  • Public Law, Public Procurement, Construction Law
    We advise and represent our clients on the application of provisions in Public Law and Environmental Law. Specific expertise has been gained in public procurement, public/private partnerships, public enterprises and civil liability of public authorities. In addition, our law offices also draft construction agreements and intervene in construction disputes.

  • Labour Law and Social Security Law
    Our offices can advise and represent their clientele in labour law cases (both inpidual and collective labour law), social security disputes, cases regarding salary conditions and employee advantages, and so forth.

  • European Union Law
    Our law firm can also represent clients in the field of European Union or European Community Law. We mainly act for clients who are established outside the European Union but who wish to start a business activity in Belgium.

  • Marine and Transport Law
    This field of law comprises disputes concerning cargo damage, ship seizure, and purchase and sale, in addition to issues related to liability law, insurance law, and general traffic law.

Van Hoorebeke BVBA